Binders eCommerce Microsite

Binders eCommerce Microsite

A microsite design for Binders Art Supply that enhances their brand image and provides an efficient online shopping experience for their target persona. 

Software Used: Axure RP

Client: Binders Art Supplies
Role: UX/UI Design

The Prompt

A Microsite, A Macro Opportunity

Binders, an art supply store based in Atlanta, GA, tasked me with designing an e-commerce microsite that features 75-100 carefully curated products from their current inventory for a very specific persona.

Microsites are excellent tools for storytelling, inspiring specific calls-to-action, highlighting specific campaigns and targeting specific buyer personas. I made a point of keeping this in mind while building my microsite, in addition to constantly referring to the problem I set out to solve.

Discovery & Research

Priming the Canvas

The Problem

Clean, organized, and full of a variety of inventory, the in-store experience is delightful for any art lover. However, the online experience doesn’t mirror the seamless in-store experience. The distracting, cluttered UI makes for a challenging UX. Also problematic is the small online inventory, lack of sufficient product information, and unclear shipping charges.

The visual clutter of the homepage:

Another problem to highlight is the misleading shipping information. The checkout page indicates that shipping is free. However, the following page reveals exorbitant shipping rates; only in-store pickups are free, which does not correspond to the information on the previous screen.

The Persona

Meet Glenn, an artsy dad who wants to spend more quality time with his teenage daughter, Ophelia, through a shared activity. Ophelia admires her dad’s artistic inclinations, and has expressed an interest in painting with him.

To help me identify a clear solution, I constantly looked at the existing site’s problems and the persona’s needs side-by-side. Glenn is who sparked the idea for my microsite, which showcases a specific product line to target a specific buyer persona.

The Solution

My solution is a microsite dedicated to acrylic paints & supplies that provides consideration for Glenn and his daughter’s lifestyle. Acrylic paints, compared to oils, are more affordable, non-toxic, and quick-drying. All of these features are also conducive to the fact that Glenn and Ophelia are trying a new activity together. Being a beginner, acrylic paints are a perfect introduction into the world of painting for Ophelia.

User Testing of Current Site

To see what others found problematic about the existing site, I first asked testers to simply explore the site and share their initial impressions. I then asked that they simulate the experiencing of purchasing products of their choice up to the point of purchase, and share their feedback while doing so. Some feedback received was:

“Artists, myself included, typically use the same products habitually, so they know exactly what supplies they need. User-friendly and intuitive online shopping makes sense in this case. The overall online experience of Binders leaves a lot to be desired.”

“The parallax scrolling on the main page gives me a headache, and makes me not want to explore the rest of the site.”

“Shipping charges are outrageously high. I'd much rather shop for art supplies from an online retailer with more reasonable shipping or visit the actual Binders store, but doesn't that defeat the purpose of online shopping? ”

Competitive Analysis

Comparative Analysis

Ideation & Design

Mixing the Paints

Information Architecture

Card Sorting

Conducting an open and closed card sort helped me organize the information architecture of the microsite. Seeing the participants organize categories in ways that made sense to them revealed patterns that guided me in creating the site map.

Site Map

User Flow


Lo-Fi Wireframes

Final Prototype

The Last Brushstroke