STARBUCKS Barista Training App

STARBUCKS Barista Training App

An internal mobile app for Starbucks baristas that serves as a supplemental learning tool to aid them in mastering Starbucks beverage recipes.  

Software Used: Sketch | InVision

Client: Starbucks
Role: UX/UI Design

The Discovery

Drawing From My Own Story

I started by reflecting on my days as a brand new barista. Aside from several training videos about making beverages that seemed cursory at best, my training consisted simply of being thrown into the deep end; I was forced to learn on my own by trial and error. My own experience prompted the question:

"Did other baristas also feel that they would have benefited from more bar training?”

Based on survey results from over 300 baristas, the common answer was...

“Yes – there could have been more training & tools for learning.”

A problem and opportunity were identified.

The Research

Empathizing By Listening

My research began by posing the aforementioned question and collecting as many answers as possible.

Survey Results:

Turquoise represents the respondents who said that their training could have been more thorough.

Survey Quotes:

“It would be so cool to have an app to help partners learn bar and other things.”

“I made my own flash cards, but I would have loved some sort of app. Apps weren't a big thing when I was in college, so I've never had to study with one, but I definitely would.”

“When I was still very new, I would sometimes use the official Starbucks app to see how many pumps of syrup or shots of espresso certain drinks required. That said, an app specifically for beverage instruction would be immensely useful.”

In-person Interviews:

Survey Synthesis

In synthesizing the survey results, two common themes emerged:

1. Baristas would appreciate more consistent ways to aid them in learning to master Starbucks beverages.

2. A mobile app specifically designed for beverage-making education and practice would be considered very helpful.


Concocting a Perfect Blend

I started by taking a close look at the official Starbucks mobile app. Because my app would be internal, I knew I wanted to stick to the existing Starbucks brand standards for consistency.

Using the Starbucks mobile app as a visual guide, I began sketching and making notes. I strove for easy navigation and readability above all else, because a learning tool should never be convoluted.


Because I used Starbucks brand standards and the official Starbucks app as a visual guide, I was able to move directly from sketching on paper to building out high-fidelity wireframes.

User Testing & Feedback

Based on feedback received during user testing, I refined my wireframes even further, making sure to implement their suggestions.

“I love the analog aspect. It breaks down the ratio of each ingredient very clearly." - Maya

"A search engine would be helpful due to the sheer number of drinks offered." - Hunter

"I'd pay attention to what users click on most and base the hierarchy of the main menu on that." - Meghan

“Having actual steps listed somewhere would be really helpful, perhaps after size selection or on the visual analog itself." - Lauren

High-Fidelity Wires / User Flow

Final Prototype